Trieste is one of the most charming Italian cities, first for quality of life in 2005 and 2009. His unique environment ranges from the rocky shores of the Adriatic Sea to the wooded hills of the Carso. A unique blend of traditions, cultures, religions and landscapes: Trieste will conquer you with its incomparable magic and with its old-world charm.

From the largest European square overlooking the sea to the imposing mass of the castle of San Giusto, with the charm of the Roman theater distinct lean to the shape of the Faro della Vittoria, Trieste is able to touch even the most demanding tourist's heart, thanks to the views and monuments which together form one of the most intriguing experiences in the rich panorama of Italian wonders.

How Not to mention the encounter unique among civilizations, religions and literary traditions (from Svevo to Joyce, in their unmistakable styles recognized internationally), that only a frontier town overlooking the sea can offer its visitors? And having satisfied the mind during the long historical tour, there's nothing better than a relaxing walk on the banks or the tree-lined promenade of Barcola.

Not only culture and tradition, in Trieste there is great space for fun and worldliness: three large shopping complexes, restaurants and pubs on the promenade to enjoy the local delicacies in front of sunset, a bowling alley just a few kilometers from the center and street with the most famous shop names, pastry shops of local products, great events that often monopolize the most important squares. Without forgetting the neighboring Slovenia, with its casinos, spas, shopping centers and dream beaches.


Square Unità d'Italia

Europe's largest square overlooking the sea provides access to some of the major buildings of historical and cultural attractions, such as City Hall and the renowned Café of Mirrors.

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The waterfront of Trieste

The waterfront of Trieste forming a dramatic entry into the city and stress - already at first sight - that peculiar identity in the balance between city center European influences and Mediterranean character.

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Roman amphitheater

Wanted by the Emperor Trajan and built between the first and the second century A.D., the Roman Theatre is constructed almost entirely in brick, except for the highest of the bleachers and the stage area that had to be wooden.

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The Castle of San Giusto

The old fifteenth-century fortress offers visitors an intriguing museum inside the massive bastions and a privileged vantage point over the entire city.

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Corso Italia (shopping)

Trieste is a tantalizing opportunity for shopping: in the town center you will find shops that would grab the attention of customers of all kinds and of all ages.

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Miramare Park and Castle

Among the ten most visited sites in Italy, the Park covers 22 hectares of land, featuring caves, ponds, relics of the Great War and an exotic and varied wildlife.


The Rice Mill of San Sabba

In its grandeur and austerity, Rice Mill is a painful permanent proof of the Second World War on the triestine ground. And a national monument since 1965.


Tram Opicina

Panoramic tramline connects Trieste to the village of Opicina covering a drop of 329 meters in only 5.2 km (unique in the world). In his impressive ascent route, it is offering wonderful views of the city.

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The Postojna Caves

The largest in the Karst region and most visited caves of Europe extend for over 21 km. The route for the public of 1 hour and a half, in part aboard a train, offers a unique glimpse into the wonders of the place.


Faro della Vittoria

From a height of 125 m s.l.m. the splendid Faro della Vittoria allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire Gulf of Trieste. Free entrance and ascent with a lift.


A long list is not however sufficient to convey the unique atmosphere of a city suspended between past and present, identity and multiculturalism, sea and hills: a magic that stays forever engraved in the heart of those who visit.